Trademark Policy


ØMQ, ZeroMQ, 0MQ, the ØMQ logo, and "Intelligent Transport Layer" are trademarks of iMatix Corporation ("iMatix").

1. The intent of this trademark policy is to avoid confusion from inappropriate use of these marks, and to ensure that the ZeroMQ mark is an accurate indicator of the origin of the software.

2. iMatix grants you the right to use these trademarks to describe, discuss, document, or otherwise refer to the collection of projects that reside in the ZeroMQ organization at, and related or dependent projects that may be hosted elsewhere.

3. You may not use these trademarks in any software project name except with prior consent of iMatix, not in any web site outside the domain, except as granted in (2).

If you make products that build on top of ØMQ, you may not call them "ZeroMQ" without prior consent of iMatix. The conventional naming scheme for language bindings, for example, is abczmq where 'abc' is the abbreviation for the language.