iMatix acquires FastMQ Inc., maker of "Fastest. Messaging. Ever."

Brussels, 30 October 2009 — Open Source firms iMatix Corporation and FastMQ Inc. today announced the acquisition of FastMQ by iMatix for an undisclosed sum in cash and shares. FastMQ's flagship product, ZeroMQ, branded as the "Fastest. Messaging. Ever." will join iMatix's other messaging products, OpenAMQ and Zyre.


Key services and products

  • Knowledge and technology transfer - we will help you select and organize your technical staff so you are less dependent on expensive external consultants. We train, motivate, and empower teams. We teach critical problem solving, and we provide the tools. knowledge, and skills for your best people to work independently and efficiently.
  • Expert consultancy - we will help you understand your own systems better, identify areas of risk and cost, and define ways to eliminate these risks and reduce costs. If necessary we will help you deploy custom or off the shelf solutions, and we'll support your teams economically and reliably.
  • Fast, easy, free commodity messaging - iMatix's OpenAMQ is a stable and powerful AMQP messaging broker. Designed for high-volume applications that need robust, efficient messaging: data feeds, transactions, order processing, replication. Includes high-availability (HA) clustering and broker federation features. Runs on all modern platforms, up to 100k messages/sec, down to 350usec latency.
  • Support packages - open source does not mean "no support". We stand behind our code, every single line of it. iMatix support packages give you the support you need, at reasonable prices. Priority support starts at Euro 2,500 per year.

About us

Pieter Hintjens founded iMatix in 1996, together with Frank Dekempeneer and others, to research and develop open source new technologies and innovative products for the Internet era and to help businesses benefit from the new technologies of the Internet and open source.

iMatix build systems for some of the world's largest companies, and free software products for the Internet community. We focus on quality and reliability through excellent design and process.

We are an active participant in standards and industry workgroups. Together with JPMorganChase we wrote the original AMQP specifications and were founding members of the AMQP Working Group with the aim of delivering AMQP as an industry standard.

iMatix works actively for reform of the software patent regime and promotes free and open digital standards.


We welcome contributors to our free software projects. To contribute you must either sign a copyright assignment or publish your contributions under a BSD license. The OpenAMQ wiki has a section for submitting patches and other contributions.

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