ZeroMQ low-latency messaging

ZeroMQ is the fastest open source messaging library we've tested. It is very portable, very lightweight, and very smart. ZeroMQ's socket-like interface lets you send messages with just a few lines of code, in any of the many supported programming languages. An active community will help you with any questions you have using it.

OpenAMQ message broker

OpenAMQ was the first production implementation of the Advanced Message Queueing Protocol (AMQP). We built this at the same time as we designed the AMQP protocol, which we handed to an industry workgroup in 2006. OpenAMQ is - like Xitami - compact, very fast, portable, and extremely easy to use. The current open source release is production-quality code, and runs JPMorganChase's largest trading system, handling over 500 million messages each working day.

Xitami web server

Xitami has been downloaded over 500,000 times, and was in ServerWatch's Hall of Fame in 1998 and 1999. Xitami was the first open source web server to use virtual multithreading, a technique that gave it excellent performance, while being 100% portable to all flavours of Windows, Linux, Unix, OS/2, and other systems. Unoptimised, Xitami was about twice as fast as Apache, under load. iMatix discontinued active maintenance of Xitami in 2001, but still provide security updates.


"At an estimated 1,000 hits per second, over a period of five minutes, the CPU usage under Xitami was only 53%, while Apache saturated at 90%." — Glenn Graham,, February 2003


iMatix Technology Packages

If you are looking for Libero or SFL, these are now packaged together with other tools:

Download and build these packages in the order described. You get: Libero, SFL, SMT/2.0, htmlpp, boom, and GSL/4.