Our organisation

iMatix is highly virtualised. We work from locations in Belgium, Slovakia, New Zealand, Australia, and Poland. Most of our teams consist of 2-5 people, tightly focused on key projects. We use internet-based communications very extensively: IRC, Wikis, mailing lists, VoIP, JIRA, Subversion, both internally and for communications with our clients. We are obsessive about process and quality.

Our teams are highly independent, multicultural and well-traveled. Our clients are global, and we spend a lot of time with them when projects start up. Our working language is English.

Our people

If you work for iMatix, you're much smarter than average, you have a strong technical background – probably you began hacking computers when you were a teenager – and you are comfortable in complex and sometimes chaotic projects with participants from many organisations, cultures, and backgrounds. You could be designing a video conferencing system one minute, and arguing protocol design details with a distinguished engineer from a global technology firm the next minute. You are confident, and in charge of your life. You enjoy iMatix because you get enormous freedom to construct your projects the way you want. You don't need someone to tell you what to do next, but you need colleagues who can challenge you and force you to perform even better.

Most of all, if you work for iMatix, you enjoy doing impossible things. Small firms like iMatix never get easy projects – we get the very risky projects no-one else can do, or dares to try. We succeed because we systematically remove this risk. We do the impossible all the time.


"I like this. Living on the vanguard of IT, meeting people driving the industry forward, having access to technologies you've never dreamed of before, taking lots of responsibility, servicing world's biggest firms… and yes, finally not having a complex of being the smartest person around :)" — Martin Sustrik, Project Manager for AMQP Working Group.


We hire from our Community. This means: we look for people who have shown their skill and interest over time by contributing to one or other of our open source projects.