Free Beer Party - FOSDEM 2008


Brussels, Saturday 23 February from 9pm (21h).

What, exactly?

A party held at the iMatix HotSpot, a warehouse on the wrong side of town that's been the scene of many heavy parties over the years. We invite all FOSDEM attendees to come and enjoy. The program includes live West African music and a great lineup of DJs. Belgian beer, snacks, and other drinks, compliments of iMatix. We love free software, and we love free beer!

Where is it?

Rue des Ateliers 13-15, 1080 Brussels, near metros Yzer and Comte de Flandres. (route).

Can I come earlier?

Doors open at 8pm, there will be wifi and snacks for anyone who wants to come and surf or hack before the party starts. Make sure you grab a bite to eat before you join the party!


Registration is closed.


The Free Beer Party is being organized by iMatix and Esoma. Esoma is the European body that represents the independent software market. Esoma was founded by, and is an affiliate of the FFII. iMatix is proud to be a member of Esoma and a supporter of the FFII.


If you want to be part of the party team - e.g. running the bar - let us know when you register. Every hand will be welcome. Party team needs to be on site at 8pm.



Remember, drinking is dangerous if done to excess. Walk, don't drive. The last metro from Yzer is at 0:24. It's a nice walk to town from our place if you're staying in the center of Brussels. Belgian Trappist beer is strong, from 6-9% alcohol. Sip, don't gulp.

There is no cloakroom so do not bring valuables unless you can keep them by you at all times. We disclaim liability for any loss or damages.