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From the iMatix team, Martin Sustrik (project manager for the AMQP workgroup), Martin Lucina (OpenAMQ product manager), and Pieter Hintjens (iMatix CEO and AMQP guru) will be in New York for five days from 23-27 May. If you're based in NYC and want to meet us, drop us a line...!

iMatix labs have unveiled what they call "a breakthrough for the domestic financial market" in the form of a micro-sized automatic trading system that runs on a simple smartphone. CEO Hintjens explains: "this revolutionary software is actually a fully-fledged automatic stock-trading system. It downloads stock prices from five major markets like NASDAQ and the Brussels Bourse, calculates low-level temporary divergences, and leverages your prepaid mobile phone balance by doing micro-trades whenever it finds a good deal".

The new iMatix micro-trader lets everyone enjoy the stock market. Hintjens explains further: "the cost of mobile telephony is so high that this is the ideal way to pay the bill. Install the microtrader on your smartphone, and you too can grab a slice of the action!"

Some analysts have expressed skepticism. Bill O'Really of Fix TV says, "I can see bandwidth being a real issue. Just getting several thousand stock updates per second is gonna cost a buck! Especially if you're roaming… and honestly, not every schoolkid has or deserves a smartphone. I see this as a toy for the rich, and I plan on getting me a couple."

The iMatix micro-trader will be available for download in early 2009, according to an iMatix sales rep. "We are not going to release a product before it's completely ready. Anyhow, after we all installed this on our phones, it's making us so much money we're kind of changing our minds on that whole free software business. Some of us are even thinking about grabbing some patents."

iMatix have submitted support for AMQP 0.9 packet sniffing to Wireshark. This will be integrated in the next production release of Wireshark (0.99.6). In the mean time, if you would like to try it out, you can download a recent nightly build of Wireshark here.


Brussels, 15 March 2007: iMatix Corporation has released OpenAMQ/1.2, a major new messaging product, as free software. OpenAMQ is a mature and tested AMQP product consisting of: high-performance messaging broker, client libraries for C/C++, protocol scripting framework, remote operator console, failover clustering, broker federation, extensive documentation.

iMatix CEO Pieter Hintjens says, "iMatix's free software has a reputation for being tough, fast, easy to use, and well documented. OpenAMQ is no exception: we spent over eighteen months hardening this software for production use in large-scale deployments." In December 2006, JPMorgan deployed the iMatix OpenAMQ infrastructure as the backbone for a global mission critical front-office application accessed by thousands of users in its Equities line of business.

JPMorgan chose iMatix for its proven track record, sound architecture, and its adherence to open standards and principles, thus enabling easy integration and future flexibility. “OpenAMQ has stood the test of sustained production use in a demanding environment, proving to be capable and predictable”, said R. John O’Hara, executive director and senior architect at JPMorgan. “Also, iMatix has been an excellent partner, demonstrating high levels of commitment which allowed us to roll out the project efficiently and deliver the exceptional market services our customers demand.”

OpenAMQ focuses on simplicity of use, speed, and reliability. Hintjens explains: "we don't try to do everything. We focus on making the most reliable, unbreakable server possible. Less is more: while the protocol (AMQP) provides some very complex features, we implement the most essential core, and we make it fast and robust."

OpenAMQ is built in C/C++, is fully multithreaded, supports up to 128-way SMP, and runs on Linux, Solaris, and Windows. OpenAMQ interoperates with other AMQP products such as RabbitMQ and Qpid.

OpenAMQ/1.2 is released under the GPL (broker) and BSD license (client libraries) at

For more information on iMatix Corporation see or contact Martin Lucina on mato (at sign)

iMatix CEO Pieter Hintjens will speak about AMQP and OpenAMQ at Q-Con, at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London. Other speakers include: Gordon Sim, Russell Acton, John O' Hara, Alexis Richardson, and John Davies.