ØMQ is an initiative of iMatix Corporation and we are proud to be part of the large and active open source ØMQ community.

We know large scale messaging, and we know the challenges of business-critical infrastructure.

If you're planning a ØMQ architecture, we can help you with:

  • Architecture and design;
  • Development strategies;
  • On-site developer training;
  • Boutique development;
  • Deployment strategies;
  • Technical support.

We offer long-term support for ØMQ stable distributions.

By using iMatix's vast experience in your ØMQ projects you cut your risk, your cost, and your time to deliver.

Contact us

moc.xitami|ofni#.snoitseuq troppus laicremmoc rof su liamE For free support please use the #zeromq IRC channel or the zeromq-dev mail list. Please do read the Guide if you are a new user.

iMatix offices are at Rue des Ateliers 13-15, 1080, Brussels, Belgium.